Testimonials - Ezras Cholim of Arizona


To the founders and volunteers of the Ezras Cholim of Phoenix,

When I was 19, I flew to Phoenix from New York along with my parents to have a serious surgery. We were overwhelmed to say the least, traveling someplace we hadn’t been before, and not knowing what to expect. We had no friends or family to rely on, that is before we met the Ezras Cholim.

Then we had someone helping us every step of the way. No detail was overlooked. Airport rides, kosher food, visitors, and more visitors. We discovered that we did, in fact, have friends in Phoenix, and they held our hand every step of the way.

Every year on the anniversary of my surgery I think back to my time in Phoenix, and have to tell my family again how grateful I am that we had the love and support of the Ezras Cholim. You absolutely transformed what the experience was.

With much love and appreciation,

Tizku l’mitzvos!!

Basya F. (December 2019)


May 2019


I am a disabled veteran and also a single mother. So when my son’s father wasn’t working last year and we lost our child support, Ezra’s Cholim stepped in to help us out. They have been there when I was too sick to even leave my house and had someone personally drop food off. My son is always super excited to see what awesome things they have. I wish everyone could see how grateful he is for the snacks he gets when he says, “Thank you thank you thank you!” The people that work there are always helpful and try to always meet our needs. They have even helped me financially when my uncle died so we could go to the funeral; and also when my alternator went out in my car. I definitely recommend them for anyone struggling or in need. They are truly doing a mitzvah for the entire community and beyond.


Jerome B

May 2019


Ezras Cholim has been instrumental in keeping me alive since their inception. They have delivered me food on a regular basis when I was not able to get to their Kosher Food Pantry or being hospitalized or not able to have transportation. They have consistently provided me with meals and other necessary supplies. Their staff is exceptional and the man behind it all Yecheskel Friedman is a blessing to our community. He is a pillar in our community and he continues to put smiles on everyone’s face one smile at a time.


Ann B


To Whom It May Concern:

It is an honor and pleasure for me to write this letter of commendation on behalf of Mr. Friedman and his staff—all of whom are the most wonderful, caring, thoughtful, compassionate people one can find. And the meals they deliver to the elderly sick and homebound are outstandingly delicious.

Ezras Cholim provides a much needed service to the Jewish Community in the Greater Phoenix area. I live in Sun Lakes, and yet they go of their way to accommodate me whenever I call—and Mr. Friedman is kind enough to call me when he hasn’t heard from me in awhile.

I have dealt with Ezras Cholim for just a few months, and it’s been a blessing and a delight.

Whoever deals with them will heartily concur—and bless the staff as I do.

Best wishes,





I cannot say enough about Ezras Cholim! I was extremely hesitant to call, because I did not want to be a bother to the community. However, I promised my doctor that I would get help, and so I had to follow through. I also wanted to remain anonymous, and thought who would want to help someone they don’t know? But Ezras Cholim was there. From the moment I called, Yecheskel was telling me that they would be SO happy to help, and not to feel bad that I need help. By the time I called, I had been off my feet for about a month, and really needed the help as soon as possible. I called on a Thursday. The NEXT DAY Yecheskel brought the entire Shabbos for my family, along with much needed household help. I continued to receive meals for THREE weeks, and Ezras Cholim STILL brings food every Shabbos and often during the week too! This is extremely helpful, as I am starting to get back to my feet, but I am not supposed to do much heavy lifting (pots and pans with food are too heavy for me).

Yecheskel follows up with me frequently to see what our needs are. Thank G-d, I am getting back to my feet. But when I was completely in bed, Ezras Cholim sent my baby to daycare, and took care of household help twice a week! I cannot even imagine where my family would be now without Ezras Cholim. The people of Ezras Cholim are amazing. I am a complete stranger, yet they are happy to help keep our family afloat during this very difficult time. I am looking forward to the day (hopefully soon) when I will be back on my feet completely, and can cook and provide delicious meals for Ezras Cholim, as they have done for my family.

Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




To Yecheskel,

We wish you and your family a Chag Sameach. Thank you for your assistance and compassion.

We are truly grateful for your kindness. Happy Chanukah!




Ezras Cholim of Arizona and Yecheskel have been like angels from Hashem. I was introduced to them by a rabbi who is a dear friend of mine. He was concerned that I live alone here in Phoenix, I don’t have any family here, and so I don’t have much of a support system. My friend told me that Ezras Cholim might be able to help.

Yecheskel, Billy, and Moshe have been incredible. Every time I have needed their help they have been there for me! Whether it was to drive me to or from doctor appointments, or regularly bring me delicious kosher food and fresh challah. They even responded when I had an emergency and had to be rushed to the hospital.

I don’t know what our community would do without this organization!


Chana B

I would like to take this opportunity to express my hakaras hatov to all who visited me, called me, sent me cards and flowers, cooked for me, drove me to doctor appointments, went grocery shopping for me and would not accept payment during my recent illness. We are all so fortunate to have these people in our Community, who know the true meaning of chesed. I’ll never forget what was done for me, and I intend to become active in Ezras Cholim, once I am completely healed, IY”H.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the chesed you showed me. May Hashem Bless each and every one of you with good health and happiness, now and in the future.




“Yecheskel, I want you to know that my parents arrived back in Mexico, and BH, everything went well. Thanks for all your attentions, Tizke Lamitvots!!!!!!”


Chaim Zusha M


I am calling to thank this wonderful organization of Chesed of Arizona, and all the people involved with it, like Yecheskel Friedman and Elchonon Gross and more and more, to thank you for for what the wonderful, beautiful service that you have helped me in the extreme need, in Sukkah and Shabbos Meals.

Hashem (G-d) should give you brachas bli dai (blessings in abundance) and should shower you with all the support.

The Abeshter (G-d) shall help more and more Yiden (Jews) have bli dai (in abundance)!


Alan and Peshie K


On August 7, 2015 my wife and I were involved in a serious car accident in Scottsdale. My wife was hospitalized at Honor Health, Osborn St. for 3 weeks and I was more fortunate, being released in 4 days. The Bikur Cholim led by Yecheskiel Friedman came to our rescue arranging wonderful housing for me with families in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. In addition, I was provided with comfortable personalized and timely transportation to an from the hospital almost on demand…And I can’t forget the amazing home cooked Shabbos meals for both of us! The efforts of the Ezras Cholim of Phoenix made the challenging time for both of us much easier to deal with. We will always be grateful.

Sincerely, Alan Kasloff




My Husband and I are truly grateful for your commitment and dedication to helping family’s like ours.We found ourselves in need of your support and you came through for us.To Our Dear Rabbi Bryski of Young Israel who is always there to guide us and Rabbi Levertov’s of Chabad of Phoenix, To Our Dear Friends Reuven and Pesha Ross, Yecheskel, you and the organization are inspirational to all of us who live this challenging life …We thank you so much