Services of Ezras Cholim

Visitation Services

Tired of seeing only walls and need some company…?

Being sick and or hospitalized can become very lonely. Receiving visitation and human interaction can be “just the thing” that you need to keep your spirits up! 

Kosher Meals

Need a warm Kosher meal…?

Eating only hospital food can get tiring and boring really quickly. Also, with illness, times can become stressful. The last thing you want to worry over is cooking a meal. We personally deliver warm, delicious, kosher food to your room. These services are extended to patients and their families in the home as well.


Need help getting from place to place…?

We understand that transportation can be overwhelming and expensive. Our job is to ease that burden by helping you and your family in the time of need. At Ezras Cholim of Phoenix, we are pleased to provide patients and their families with multiple forms of transportation assistance. If you are an individual or family in need of these services, please contact us today.

Patient & Family Advocacy

Do you feel like the only one involved in your struggle…?

We at Ezras Cholim of Phoenix are here to tell you that you are NOT alone. Our sole mission is to bring our community together through volunteering individuals, to show you that there are others who care about your struggle and illness. Our intent is to make sure that you have a voice and can speak for what you want and need. 

Rehab Support

We provide logistics to help you manage a Rehab stay...

At Ezras Cholim of Phoenix, we welcome those who are seeking treatment at an Arizona Rehab center with open arms. We are skilled at helping you manage your stay with the many services that we offer, such as transportation and kosher meals . If you or a family member is being cared for at an Arizona Rehab facility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Medical Equipment Gemach

(Hebrew: גמ"ח‎‎, plural, גמחים, gemachim, an abbreviation for גמילות חסדים, gemilut chasadim, "acts of kindness") is a Jewish free-loan medical equipment supplies. 


Projects of Ezras Cholim

tomchei shabbos

Tomchei Shabbos

Your food pantry for Shabbos items. Tomchei Shabbos, a project of Ezras Cholim, is now accepting applications for it's food donation program.

get well meals

Get Well Meals

Warm, Delicious Kosher meals delivered to your hospital, nursing home, or place of residence. Get Well Meals, a project of Ezras Cholim, is now accepting applications.

oneg shabbos

Oneg Shabbos

Join us for a Shabbos meal. Sign up now for Oneg Shabbos, a project of Ezras Cholim.

gift a mitzvah

Gift A Mitzvah

Coming Soon!

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Our Latest News

Hashgacha Pratis ( Divine Providence )

Recently we had a Go Fund campaign, and in the process we got an e-mail that read: “Pleaseconsider asking me if bulk transport is ever needed, as you know I have trailers. Also, if a delivery needed is seeking a deliverer, if I’m free, I’d love to help. Mike” At approximately the same time we

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Go Fund Me – Yom Kippur Campaign Ezras Cholim is there on a daily basis, whether or not there is money in their account, helping those who come to the Valley for medical care, new mothers who may need assistance, people in need of meals or rides to doctor appointments, helping those who may need a place to stay during care.

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Hakaras Hatov to the Volunteers at Ezras Cholim

A family recently traveled all the way to Phoenix from New York, bringing their daughter to Barrow Neurological Institute for a critically important surgery. Ezras Cholim would like to thank all our volunteers who were there to help, from the moment they stepped off the plane until they departed once more for home. Billy Flowers

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